Fin Lit research team presents at Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) in Vancouver

CSSE photo

On June 5, 2019, Queen’s Education doctoral student Jen McConnel, Queen’s Education faculty Dr. Pamela Beach and Queen’s Law faculty Dr. Gail Henderson presented the results of their study examining teachers’ experience using the Canadian Financial Literacy Database at the CSSE annual conference. This conference took place as part of the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Science in Vancouver. Thirteen Ontario elementary teachers participated in the study, which employed a “virtual revisit think aloud” methodology. Participants were asked to use the Database to find financial literacy education resources to use in their classroom. Their navigation of the Database was recorded. Participants then watched the recording of their navigation while “thinking aloud” about what they were doing and thinking at the time. While all of the participants found the Database confusing to navigate at times, they also all found it useful. During the think aloud, teachers also noted whether the resource was from a financial institution, with some stating that they thought this made the source less credible, but many stating that it made the source more credible. In addition to a planned journal article, the research team plans to share these results with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, which is responsible for the Database.

A copy of the presentation slides can be found on the Research Contributions page.

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