Research Contributions

This Little Piggy Went Banking Final Report to Schools and School Boards June 2021

Gail E Henderson, Pamela Beach and Andrew Coombs, “Financial Literacy Education in Ontario: An Exploratory Study of Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Practices” (2021) 44:2 Canadian Journal of Education (open access).

Pamela Beach, Gail Henderson and Jen McConnel, “Elementary teachers’ cognitive processes and metacognitive strategies during self-directed online learning” (2021) 26(5-6) Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice (free access to accepted manuscript).

Gail E Henderson, Pamela Beach, Lucy Sun and Jen McConnel, “Does the content of financial literacy resources vary based on who made or paid for them?” (2020) Citizenship, Social and Economics Education (open access)

CSSE Presentation June 2019

AERA 2019 Poster

CSSE 2018 conference presentation slides